The Beauty of Prague Castle

If you find yourself in Prague’s vicinity, take out your cameras and ready your feet for a sightseeing trip of Prague castle. For an added bonus, the castle complex features many known spots like St. Vitus Cathedral, the Powder Tower and many monuments and historic buildings. This will be the chance for you to take a glimpse of the Czech’s history and how life was like hundreds of years ago, who the most influential people of the land were, and immerse yourself on where kings, presidents and leaders have had their offices.

Being the biggest ancient castle of 570 meters in length by 130 meters in width, there is so much to see. This will be an exploration galore for snap-happy tourists bringing their cameras in tow, especially for those who are big fans of ancient buildings, Prague castle being adorned with so many beautiful details. The castle is open from 9AM to 5PM; guided tours cost about $18. Prague castle tours also include visits to the Royal Palace. The palace is still the venue for hosting special state events. The museum can also be visited; tickets can also be purchased separately at $6 each. St. George’s Basilica also has a very impressive collection of baroque and gothic art.

Book your Prague hotel early, and these establishments might give ten to thirty percent discounts on your stay. Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square are lined up with a variety of three to four, even five star hotels. Plan your getaway to Prague during the summer when it is rich infestivals, winter also showcases its ballets and operas. The beauty of Prague in winter also makes it the story book, picturesque city. By that time, Christmas markets and local bazaars are out for the bargain finds. Sunset invites jazz music as it spills in the streets.

Major direct flights come in from London, Moscow, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen and Dublin and other major cities in the world.

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Be sure to book your Prague visit early and get some savings. Stroll the streets like a local. Explore Prague castle. Fall in love with Prague and its people. Perhaps you would want to make a second visit after that.

No trip to Prague is complete without packing a copy of The God Complex.

Set in Prague and inspired by actual events, The God Complex takes readers on a thrill ride through Chinese medicine. As you solve this gripping mystery, discover the secrets of Eastern medicine and its hidden connection to martial arts. Turn your trip into an adventure—download the free self-guided tour of Prague. It offers a nice blend of the main tourist attractions, as well as places frequented by characters in the book. While everyone else is meandering aimlessly clutching their Fodors or Lonely Planet guides, you will be living in “the city of a hundred spires.”


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